Pat O'Rourke


Injury Treatment
Structural integration
Continuing Education

My Practice

Opening pictureI aim to create a place of safety for change, resourcing and healing to take place. With non-judgmental respectful touch I encourage compassion for the stresses and pains of daily life our body holds. As a very active person I know what it’s like to be injured and to be impeded by injury in pursuit of goals and recreation. I use many years of experience mixed with varied techniques to achieve a non-invasive yet deeply effective form of bodywork. I include structural assessment, injury evaluation and emotional integration into a session. I can also do more pure craniosacral, injury work or structural integration series.

My Training

I have been licensed in the state of Washington, USA, since 1984 as well as teaching at the Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle since 1987. My training has taken me many places in the search for resolution of pain and discomfort. I trained and certified as a teacher with Ben Benjamin for full body Cyriax style injury assessment and treatment. Muscle Energy Technique training proved very useful with Rich Phaigh for more neurological holding and spinal dysfunction. Craniosacral training with numerous people and certification in the biodynamic model added a component of treating the nervous system and trauma. I’ve recently also been certified in Structural Integration at the Kinesis school. Many years of teaching cadaver anatomy as well as the full curriculum at a rigorous 1000-hour licensing program rounds out the technical specificity necessary to really understand the physical puzzle of the body. I continue to learn from my students and clients alike.

My Basic Belief System

The work I do combines structural assessment, attention to injured structures, awareness of the impact of trauma on an individual and a whole body integration approach. The physical work can combine treatments to tailor the session to what presents itself. The inherent movements in the body connected to the nervous system and the fascial network provide a major basis for assessment and treatment. Immobility on this subtle level creates the environment for disease and results from injury. Restoring the mobility on a physical and emotional level will restore health. At the foundation of all of this is a respect for the inherent intelligence in the body and us as living organisms, also awe for the ability of the body and psyche to heal from past trauma regardless of age through care and contact. An awareness as well of the need for sufficient resources to support change and ease in our bodies, which comes from the inherent health in every living system.

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